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Terms and conditions

1. The contract in respect of the products supplied by us to you comes into existence when your order has been accepted by us. For the avoidance of doubt, the order confirmation sent by our web site does not mean that the order has been accepted. It is important that you carefully read these terms and conditions before you place an order and you have to agree with these terms a nd conditions.

2. If the customer purchases for private use,he has to save or print the conditions,in rispect of art.3 and 4 of Dlgs 185/1999.

3. The Customer doesn't have any right of refunds or compansation in case of damages to people/objects caused by the failed acceptance of the order.

Method of purchase

4. The Customer can only buy from our on-line catalogue on The looks and colouration can be be deceiving to human eye on the internet, and the picture may not represent perfectly the item shown and also, the colour, the dimensions and the accessories included may be different to the ones on the picture.

5. The acceptance of the order has made by Patriweb Srls via email to the email address that the customer has given.The email will come with date and time of the order and with a "Customer reference number" that has to be given during further contact with staff. On the email the customer can find all the details that he/she entered during the order and he must check if they are correct or not and comunicate immediately any mistakes.

6. If Patriweb Srls does not accept the order,we guarantee the immediate comunication to the Customer.

6a. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any order submitted. In these circumstances, if your payment has already been processed we will immediately issue a refund for the full value of the amount processed.

Method of payment

7. Credit card

When the customer wants to pay with credit card, can eithert do it through PayPal service or Gestway of Bankpass. Anyway, the Customer can choose the payment option while placing the order.

7.1 Patriweb Srls doesn't know your credit card details, because all the details are sent to the bank web site straight away as it's the bank that responsability to check the transaction. Patriweb Srls won't save any file with the credit card details. Patriweb Srls will not be held responsible for the fraudolent use of credit cards by other people.

8. Bank Transfer

It is possible to select "Bank Transfer" as payment option only for orders with delivery address within Italy and within those countries where it is possible to select Bank Transfer as payment option. In case of payment with bank transfer, the items ordered will be put on hold until the money will be received and the payment should be made in order for Patriweb Srls to receive the funds within 4 working days from the date of the order. The shipment depends on how long the payment will take to be credited. Usually it takes up to 3 working days.

8b. Currency

The amounts shown on are in EUR, currency reference. All other amounts shown in a different currency, are approximate and may vary due to exchange rate fluctuactions.

Delivery methods and charges

9. Patriweb Srls only delivers within Italy and Europe.

10. For every order Patriweb Srls will issue an invoice of the items delivered,sending it via email to the customer, art 14 D.P.R 445/2000 AND DL 52/2004. To issue the invoice, we will consider the details that the customer gave when the order was accepted.The invoices can't be changed.

11. The delivery charges depending on the item weight and volume. The payment will be made with the method chosen by the customer. No extra fees for the customer to pay.

12. Patriweb Srls will be not held if the delivery or the posting is delayed.

13. When the items are delivered, the customer has to check:

  • The number of the items has to correspond to the invoice.
  • The parcel has to be undamaged, dry and not broken, cello tape and pins have to be undamaged too.

If the parcel is damaged or the number of items does not correspond to the invoice, the customer can refuse the delivery with a written note to the courier. But if the customer accepts the items anyway, without a written complaint, he will not be able to refuse the item afterwards.

Any possible problem about the delivery,the integrity or completeness of the item must be reported within 7 days from the delivery.

13A. Once the parcel has been collected by the Courier, it will no longer be possible to change the delivery address. In this regard, should the delivery to the address entered while placing the order, not go through, the parcel will be returned to our warehouse and we will issue a refund of the products exclusive of the shipping costs or any incidental expenses.

14. The order will be cancelled after 5 days in case the courier is not able to deliver the item to the customer, and the customer doesn't collect it from courier depot where the item is.


15. All products sold on are covered by a 24 months guarantee. The invoice is the proof of guarantee, so it is advisable for the customer to keep it.

16. The guarantee only covers faulty products and it cannot be applied if the product was misused or mishandled. It is valid only for private customers. If, at the time of delivery, the product was faulty, Patriweb Srls will replace the item without any extra charge for the customer. The guarantee only applies to the product itself, any possible shipping costs will be at customer’s own expense.

17. The replacement in case of DOA (Dead on arrival: if the products are damaged or faulty) will be made only if it is provided by the manufacturer. The replacement time dipends on the manufacturer policy.

18. In case Patriweb Srls is not able to replace the item, it will proceed the refund of the total amount the customer paid or it will replace the product with a similar product.

19. The customer doesn't have the right to ask for damages in case the replacement has a delay.

20. In case Patriweb Srls has to replace the whole item, the customer will have to send the original item, in it's original packaging with all the accessories, back to Patriweb Srls. The parcel has to include the invoice and all the travel documentation.


21. We declare that all the products on our catalogue have been approved by the strictest European Safety Laws of standard. If a product does not meet the safety standards of a non UE country and/or it is not approved by safety standards law of these countries, we as sellers, are not responsible for any dissimilarity regarding this matter.


22. The customer's personal data are kept exclusively from Patriweb Srls to allow the customer to complete the order and his personal data will not be shared with any other company. The customer's privacy is protected by DL 196 of 30.06.03

The titular of the keep customer's personal data safe and secret.


23. All complaints must be sent to:Patriweb Srls.

Applicable law

24. The contract stipulated between the customer and Patriweb Srls is concluded in Italy so it is under the jurisdiction of the italian law. For criminal and civil dispute resolution arising from the conclusion of the contract of remote selling, if the customer is a consumer, the case fall within the jurisdiction of his municipality; all other cases fall exclusively within Rome jurisdiction.

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