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Right of withdrawal

    The customer can exert the right of withdrawal for any reason without giving explanations and without paying any additional fees. To exert this right, the Customer will have to send a communication The customer has to send compulsorily a communication via email to

    The right of withdrawal is, however, subject to further obligations of the parties (Article 67 Italian Consumer Code):
    • If goods have been delivered, consumers shall be required to return them or to make them available to the professional or the person appointed thereby, according to the procedures and timeframes provided for in the contract. The period for returning the goods shall never be less than ten business days after the day the goods were received. Upon expiry of this term, any goods shall be understood to have been returned when they are delivered to the post office accepting the delivery or to the forwarding agent.
    • For contracts for the sale of goods, if goods have been delivered, the substantial integrity thereof shall be an essential prerequisite for the exercise of the right of withdrawal. However the goods need only be returned in a normal state of repair, to the extent that they have been kept and preferably used with all due care and attention.
    • The only expenses due from a consumer when exercising his right of withdrawal pursuant to this Article shall be the direct expenses of returning any such goods to the sender, where expressly provided for in the contract.
    • If the right of withdrawal is exercised by the consumer in conformity with the provisions of this Section, professionals shall be required to refund any monies paid by consumers, including any deposits. Refund must be made free of charge, in the shortest possible time, and never any later than thirty days after the date upon which the professional was informed of the consumer's intention to withdraw. These sums shall be understood to have been refunded if they are effectively returned, sent or credited with an effective date of no later than the termination of the period previously indicated.
    • Any sums paid by the third party granting the credit for payment of goods or services until it became aware that the consumer had exercised his right of withdrawal shall be refunded to the third party by the professional, without any penalty.
    • If payment has been made by way of bills of exchange, and the latter have not yet been presented for payment, arrangements must be made for the return thereof. Any contract term which limits refunds to the consumer of the sums paid as a result of exercising the right of withdrawal shall not be valid. If the price for goods or services is covered by a contract pursuant to this Title is fully or partially covered by a loan granted to the consumer by the professional or by third parties on the basis of an agreement between the latter and the professional, the credit agreement shall be understood to have been automatically terminated, without any penalty, provided that the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions of this Article. The professional shall be required to notify any third parties granting any credit that the consumer has exercised his right to withdrawal.
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