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Among all Bimbomarket products choose a Chicco stroller for your baby!

For every child, the pushchair is a familiar and essential thing that will accompany him up to 3 years; it will become his favourite place where to play, eat, hide things and toys and also, it’s a stable support to hang on when your child starts walking.
Choosing the stroller that best suits your and your baby’s needs is a very difficult decision that has to be made very carefully.
Some of the parameters that help to make the right decision certainly are safety and stability without loosing versatility and handiness.

Chicco Stroller It’s important to make sure that the safety system is very efficient, the harness must be strong enough to get through the damages caused by use and your baby’s curiosity!
Other things to consider before purchasing a stroller are the shape of the back rest, the dimensions and the weight.
The first one has to be ergonomic, it has to perfectly adapt to the baby’s back and it doesn’t have to be neither too hard nor too soft. With regards to the weight, it is advisable to choose strollers made out resistant materials but lightweight at the same time. With regards to the dimensions, it should be considered the space at home and in the car.

Chicco Enjoy Chelsea stroller has all the features above mentioned and it has been designed following the typical attention to details that made Chicco brand, famous all over the world.
Chicco Enjoy stroller is suitable for children from 6 to 36 months, it only weighs 7,5 kg and it folds and unfolds easily thanks to its Soft Easy Handle system. The upholstery, made of Hi-Tech materials, is removable, washable and extremely strong.
Chicco Enjoy stroller allows you to freely stroll around in total safety, it’s perfect for children and parents.

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