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Choose the most suitable baby cot for your baby’s sleep on Bimbomarket!

When a family is expecting the arrival of a newborn, it is very important to think about the characteristics that the baby’s nursery must have!

Baby Cot Undoubtedly, the most important element is the baby cot! The material used for the baby cot should be non-toxic and the distance between the spindles should be according to the European safety standards.
All the cots you can find on Bimbomarket web site meet these safety standards and they belong to the most important brands like Foppapedretti, Pali and Erbesi.

There are other important features to consider in order for you to choose the right cot, like the cot height and the mattress base!
An ideal solution to guarantee your baby’s relax is not just the baby cot, but also the crib. Cribs, thanks to their rocking system are perfect to gently rock your baby. For example, Frugolo natural crib with veil – small wheels – is a very elegant, romantic and colourful crib.
Sleeping peacefully is very important for parents too! If a baby can relax and sleep nicely, it will be much easier to handle when awake.

Have a look at the many different models of baby cot available on Bimbomarket and choose the one that best suits your baby’s needs because after prams and pushchairs, the cot is definitely going to be his/her favourite place to relax.

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